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Teh Daun Jambu Cherish


Guava Leaf Tea Cherish already have a license department of health is able to treat and prevent various diseases such as raising the platelet and also for dengue fever.


As for other properties:


Guava fruit which had earned the nickname as "the poor man's apple of the Tropics" has a long history of use. Many stories benefit guava fruit consumption is known to be down-termurun, and lately proven scientific truth. For example, in addition to having a distinctive flavor and aroma, guava juice as a drug proven to diarrhea; even considered to be sufficiently safe and preferred for children. For children, one glass of guava leaf tea Cherish per day is considered sufficient to overcome diarrhea.



Efficacy for the treatment of
1) Diarrhea
2) Sprue
3) Bleeding wounds or ulcers around the bone
4) Diabetes
5) Hemorrhoid
6) Bloating in children


Product Cherish all of them already have a license department of health and have a test lab in Indonesia so that we ensure hygienic and also anti-bacterial.

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