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Cherish Teh Daun Sirsak

As already known by the public that the soursop leaves have properties that are truly extraordinary to fight cancer. Soursop leaf tea have properties 10,000 (ten thousand) times more powerful than chemotherapy. And more great again, soursop leaf tea only kill the cancer cells only and does not harm or kill healthy cells. This differs from the effects of chemotherapy that kills all the cells of the body is exposed to the chemotherapy.


Studies at Purdue University show that the leaves of the soursop able to effectively kill cancer cells, particularly cancer cells: prostate, pancreas, and lungs. Likewise Cherish Soursop Tea Leaf. Cherish Soursop Leaf Tea made ​​from leaves of soursop and selection of high quality and are natural, does not contain any preservatives.


Cherish Soursop Leaf Tea comes in several variants, such as: tea leaves of the soursop contents 10 sheets, the tea leaves of soursop contents 25 sheets, the tea leaves of soursop contents 50 sheets, soursop tea leaf content of 100 sheets, the tea leaves of soursop 500-sheet content, as well as tea leaves of soursop packaging bags


Serving Suggestions :

  • Boil 10 (ten) Cherish soursop leaves with 3 (three) glasses of water.
  • Let boil until the water becomes 1 (one) glass
  • Pour into cups or glasses and Cherish Soursop Leaf Tea is ready to be presented
  • Can add sugar or honey to taste
  • For treatment we recommend to drink 2 (two) times a day, morning and evening, interspersed with a few hours after taking the drug the doctor
  • In addition to treatment, Cherish Soursop Tea Leaves also can be taken by healthy people to increase stamina


Brought Effects :
After drinking Cherish Soursop Tea Leaf, the body will feel warm (even a little heat). This signifies the tea is its function to inhibit and kill the bad cells (cancer). After that the body will feel more refreshed and recover stamina


Legality :
All variants Cherish Soursop Leaf Tea (dried leaves and dip packaging) already has a permit from the Indonesian Ministry of Health (Depkes RI). You can view a copy of the license on the Gallery page

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