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9 Cara Mencegah Kanker Mulut
03/10/2012 [10:09:12 AM]



Jakarta, this time the exact cause of oral cancer is not known, experts say that it is caused by alcohol consumption, oral sex, smoking and other unhealthy lifestyle more. Because everyone is at risk for oral cancer, you need to be vigilant and need to prepare countermeasures.


Here are 9 ways to prevent oral cancer, as reported by Best Health, Tuesday (10/02/2012), among others:


1. Always brush and flossing regularly

The risk of developing oral cancer cells can be reduced by maintaining oral health. Conditions unhealthy mouth reduces the immune system and inhibit the body's ability to fight cancer. Brush your teeth regularly at least 2 times a day and clean the teeth with a special floss (flossing).


2. Do not smoke or chew tobacco products

Nicotine contained in tobacco products not only can damage the lungs but also the mouth. Nicotine will make your mouth becomes acidic conditions and unhealthy, so it can increase the risk of mouth cancer. Stop smoking or chewing tobacco products like bersirih using tobacco.


3. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages

The risk of developing oral cancer increases with increasing the quantity and duration of a person consumes alcohol.


4. Limit your exposure to sunlight

Use sun protection on your lips when under the sun. Repeated exposure to the sun can increase the risk of cancer of the lips, especially the lower lip. Choose products lipstick or lip moisturizer with sunscreen for everyday use.


5. Exercise regularly

Active lifestyle and healthy known to boost the immune system and help prevent cancer throughout the body, including oral cancer.


6. Eating anti-cancer foods

The American Institute for Cancer Research recommends eating lots of nuts, fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, flaxseed, garlic, grapes, green tea, soy and tomatoes prevent cancer. Diet and nutrition have become appropriate cancer prevention methods.


7. Reduce process food by frying

Replace ways of processing food into boiling frying and grilling or steaming. Use healthy spices such as garlic powder, ginger and turmeric to taste.


8. Check the teeth

Check with the condition of your teeth and mouth to the dentist on a regular basis at least every six months and asked to do an oral cancer screening to detect cancer early.


9. Conducted its own

Just like checking out the possibility of breast cancer, the risk of oral cancer can also be inspected at home. The trick is to open the mouth wide in front of the mirror and inspect all parts of the mouth, including the back and sides of the tongue.


If you see anything suspicious or feel like a lump, white bumps, red spots or gray, immediately see a dentist to get a proper diagnosis.



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