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Product Baru, Teh Daun Sukun Cherish
04/03/2013 [10:46:36 AM]


Introducing, Another herbal tea that was launched by CV Cherish Fidelia the breadfruit leaf tea that already have permits department of health and anti-bacterial tests are reliable.


The benefits of breadfruit leaf tea are:


Breadfruit leaf tea has many benefits for health rara avis, effective for treating diseases such as:


- Liver

- hepatitis

- Toothache

- Itching

- Enlargement of the spleen

- Heart

- Kidney

- Uric Acid

- Addressing Inflammation

- Diabetes

- Troubleshooting Cholesterol

- Prevent Cancer

- Lowering high blood pressure




So are you waiting for, preventing much better than cure. For more info please contact our customer service.

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