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In distributing its products, CV Cherish Fidelia embrace the resellers throughout Indonesia. Open opportunities for all people to become our reseller. Some of the advantages to be gained if it becomes our resellers:

  • No charge registration (FREE)
  • Get special pricing for each product
  • Get the latest information updates, such as: promo, new products, special offers, etc.
  • Get a membership card (Privilege Membership Card) (*)
  • Got a website (website) for free to market their products, with the domain name can be chosen by the reseller (*)

The resellers are not required to only sell products that are owned by CV Cherish Fidelia. They may sell goods or products other than goods and products are owned by CV Cherish Fidelia.

To become our reseller, you can simply fill out the form provided below. Once we receive your registration data, we will verify the data first. Once your data is valid, then the status you have registered as our resellers.

For more information, please contact our customer service at telephone number (021) 563 88 21 or please click here

Please click here to become our reseller

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